Welcome to Kea Exports


KEA is a fast growing EXIM company presently into export of Indian farm produce including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and spices.
KEA is headquartered in Chennai, South India with a team of astute business minds at its helm having proven experience and expertise in export of farm fresh produce. With a commitment to reach further and further across the world the Company has upgraded its systems to meet international standards at all times.
Apart from the range of products available, the quality standards that meet international norms and a team of experts to drive the process, KEA is strategically located in Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu State in South India. The advantage of being in the capital region is that it has access to roadways, railways, the airport and the sea-port that helps with efficient logistics to meet international orders. The Company is also capable of speedy processing of all necessary export documents to serve the clients the world over.


We do Import & Export.


To be a leading EXIM player in the world market for Indian produce while building a network of trusted business associations across the globe to finally lead the field with sustained business excellence.


To continue delivery high quality, fresh products and meet time schedules on the dot. Delivery utmost customer satisfaction through best of pricing and peerless servicing of order whatever the quantity or whatever the need.