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We are on to Merchant Export of all Fresh Vegetables, Green Leaves & Lentils, all varieties of Fruits, Fresh Coconuts & Coconut Water, Onion, Rice & Cereals, all types of Indian Spices for delicious recipe and for rich & traditional aroma, Nuts & Kernels of high nutrition, Fashion / Imitation Jewellary, Handloom Textiles, etc.


Basmati Rice

Basmati has been reported to be in India since the 19th century. The Basmati rice is different from other rice due to its distinctive aroma and elongation post cooking. It is widely grown in North India and is called the ‘Champagne’ of India.

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India is the No.2 producer of onion in the world and Indian onions are famous for their pungency and availability round the year. Onion is an integral part of any cuisine. A member of the lily family onions lavishes us with health benefits.

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The semi-husked coconut lasts longer and once opened is used to add taste to sweets, savouries and cuisines. Coconuts are freshly plucked from coconut trees grown in expansive farms, they are highly nutritious and has medicinal value.

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Red Chilli

India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of red chillies. Chillies add their high pungency and colour to various cuisines across the world. Red Chillies are used to make chilli powder, pickles and oleoresins.

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Non Basmati Rice

Rice or Oryza Sativa is not a tropical plant but is still associated with a wet, humid climate. Domestication of rice began in the Asian arc starting with India. There ar 1000 of varieties of rice, some long and slender, some short and pearly, some round and thick.

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India peanut or popularly known as groundnut is available in bulk quantities across the country. Groundnut is rich in protein, carbohydrates and minerals and used also as a oilseed. It is extensively cultivated in Tamilnadu from where it is procured fresh from the farms.

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India’s climatic variations across its regions allow for cultivation of a variety of vegetables and it ranks second in the world in vegetable production. Vegetables like ginger, okra, onions, brinjal (egg plant), beetroot, tomatoes, cauliflower and cabbage is widely available.

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With a wide range of climatic conditions from the North to the South and West to East India produces exotic fruit varieties. Fruits that grown in the colder climates is available in the North and East while the tropical fruits like mango, guava, sapota and custard apple grow plenty in the South. They are all available in bulk for export.

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Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are widely grown in the Southern states of India especially Kerala and Karnataka. It is nature’s proven finest diet and an all time snack. It is also used widely in many cuisines the world over. It is rich in proteins, fat, moisture, calcium, iron and other elements.

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Green Cardamom

Cardamom is an ancient spice found to grow in the western ghats of South India. Cardamom comes from the pods of a ginger like plant. Indian cardamom has two main varieties the Malabar variety and the Mysore variety. Cardamom is a must for exotic cuisines all over the world.

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Turmeric is yet another sought after spice variety that is readily available across India. It is not only used for cooking but is a natural antiseptic and has great medicinal values. Turmeric is available fresh from the farms and either powdered form or rhizome is exported.

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Floriculture though a growing industry in India, the country is endowed with a climate and geography for growing many kinds of flowers. Flowers such as rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, orchids, archilea, anthurium, tulip, and lily along with chrysanthemum, gaillardia, marigold and tuberose are readily available for export in whole and cut forms.

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We are on to Merchant Export of all types of Indian handcrafted toys, clothes, towel, bags, dining table and show case items etc.

Arrow Baskets

Keep clutter beautifully at bay with our Arrow Baskets. Handwoven of renewable water hyacinth with an elegant arrow design, they deliver sensible storage and distinctive style.